In this section, you will get to know me more.

First, I must say that I am a person with a lot of empathy. I am an emotional person. Often, I will shed a tear during a wedding. I am touched by the words you both exchange during the ceremony. I am touched to see the love you have for each other.

Also, I can say that I am a positive person ( even though my blood type is negative !). I need to see love and harmony around me. In fact, it is essential. I surround myself with good people. Life is so much better that way.

Finaly, I am a person who believe in a dream. My dream of becoming a wedding photographer. My dream of doing what I love the most in life. My dream of photographying happiness. The dream is now reality and it is just amazing.

Photo credit: Marie-Ève Rompré

“ Life is a dream, realize it “

- Mother Theresa

photographe camera objectif mur de brique
Photographie enfant
Photographie enfant-
Photographie enfant

They are pure hapiness in my life. My children: Marguerite, Mathilde & Raphaël.