mariage champêtre golf continental sorel tracy
mariage champêtre golf continental sorel tracy
mariage champêtre golf continental sorel tracy
mariage champêtre golf continental sorel tracy
mariage champêtre golf continental sorel tracy

Because each love story is touching me so deeply...

Let me tell yours with all my heart and creativity.

Lifestyle wedding photographer | Montreal | South Shore | Easthern Township

and wherever your heart brings you in Quebec and Canada.


I believe in love.  Love who takes you for what you are, no make-up on, no hair done. Love who supports you in you craziest dreams. Love who is there in your deepest sadness because together, we are stronger. Love that shares projects of a country house, secrets wishes, trips around the world. I believe in love because, once, I was loved by a father and a mother  that thought me what that word meant and because they are still, as this day, continue to believe in me and in my dreams. I believe in love because I am in love of a person that I married not so far away.  A person that hold my hand when we walk in the street, a person that hold me against him and kisses me in the neck.  I believe in love because I love my life with PJ’s morning holding a decaf in my hand and watching cartoons on TV under a warmth blanket.  I believe in love because I love them. Them, our kids, our hapiness on 2 legs. Them, that make me laugh with their comments  or when they do a dancing show in the living room. Them, who took so long to come in this world but that I can live without anymore. I believe in love and photographying it is just pure hapiness in my life. I  Je suis dans l’être et non le paraître. Je suis dans l’empathie et la résilience. Je photographie la douceur des moments présents.

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Photographie Artistique

Bienvenue sur mon site web ! Je m’appelle Nadine et je photographie vos histoires d’amour.

Capter votre authenticité et exprimer vos émotions en images, c’est l’essence même de l’art que je pratique.
Partager avec vous ces moments de votre vie est un privilège extraordinaire.

Être photographe de mariage, c’est un ensemble de petits détails. C’est de vous accompagner du premier échange de courriels jusqu’à la remise de vos images. C’est d’assurer un service exceptionnel par mon professionnalisme, mon soutien et mon sourire.

Au plaisir de se rencontrer,